May 2013

May 20, 2013

My best friend is getting married soon, less than two weeks to be exact!  And I am honored to be her Maid of Honor!  Being involved with the wedding industry, you tend to forget how stressful planning a wedding is.  Typically, brides-to-be get engaged and are faced with the task of planning one of the biggest days of their lives that include hundreds of guests!  So, like most newly engaged people, she had millions of questions.  Usually her questions were somewhere along the line of...."is it OK to do this?" or "is this even an option?".  The one thing all brides need to remember is that your wedding day is you and your fiancee's day - nobody else's!  So the answer was always "yes, of course"!  Whatever your wedding day looks like to you, is what your wedding day should be!

Odds are you have never planned a wedding before, so give yourself a break.  Go visit a Windy City Wedding Show bridal expo.  Make a ton of boards on Pinterest.  Do you research!  Remember there is a ton of fun, laughter and memories to be had along the way.  And the next thing you know you will be with your soulmate on the dance floor and you and your guests will be having a fabulous time!

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